We are the Mitchells, a family of four who have decided to live life a little simpler.

In 2013 we had many life changing experiences, our first child was born, we purchased and began settling into our new house as the typical “American Dream” began settling in around us.

The first thing that is wrong with this picture is, we were living in New Zealand. Secondly when we really thought about it we didn’t want that lifestyle and were just following the crowd and the anti-pattern that having a better or happier life means having bigger, better and more “stuff”.

 Our experiences during 2013 helped us to re-evaluate how we have been living our lives and how we would like to live our lives in the future. We are embarking on a journey to simplify our lives, experience the world around us and create more personal relationships as we live life a little more each day.

We have tenanted our house, sold and given away our “stuff”, bought tickets to a country we have never been to and are beginning our adventure.

We hope you enjoy reading about our stories and experiences along the way and are inspired to find happiness in the simplicity of life.


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